Man pages for OHDSI/OhdsiRTools
Tools Used by Observational Health Data Science and Informatics (OHDSI)

checkUsagePackageCheck all code in a package
createConceptSetWorkbookSave a set of concept sets expressions, included concepts,...
createRenvLockFileCreate a renv lock file
findNonAsciiStringsInFolderFind non-ASCII strings in R files
fixHadesLogoFix HADES logo in pkgdown output
formatRFileFormat an R file
formatRFolderFormat all R files in a folder
formatRTextFormat R code
getCohortDefinitionExpressionGet a cohort definition expression
getCohortDefinitionNameGet a cohort definition's name from WebAPI
getCohortDefinitionSqlGet a cohort definition's SQL from WebAPI
getCohortGenerationStatusesGet Cohort Generation Statuses
getConceptSetConceptIdsGet Concept Set Concept Ids
getConceptSetExpressionGet a concept set expression
getConceptSetNameGet a concept set's name from WebAPI
getConceptSetsAndConceptsFromCohortGet a list of concept sets and concepts from a cohort...
getCorePackagesGet a list of R core packages
getOhdsiGitHubPackagesGet a list of packages in the OHDSI GitHub.
getPriorityVocabKeyGet Priority Vocab Source Key
getSetExpressionConceptIdsGet Concepts from a Concept Set Expression
insertCohortDefinitionInPackageLoad a cohort definition and insert it into this package
insertCohortDefinitionSetInPackageInsert a set of cohort definitions into package
insertConceptSetConceptIdsInPackageInsert a set of concept sets' concept ids into package
insertEnvironmentSnapshotInPackageStore snapshot of the R environment in the package
invokeCohortSetGenerationInvoke the generation of a set of cohort definitions
OhdsiRTools-packageOhdsiRTools: Tools Used by Observational Health Data Science...
restoreEnvironmentRestore the R environment to a snapshot
restoreEnvironmentFromPackageRestore environment stored in package
restoreEnvironmentFromPackageOnGithubRestore environment stored in package
runAndNotifyRun code and send e-mail notification on error, warning, or...
takeEnvironmentSnapshotTake a snapshot of the R environment
updateCopyrightYearFileUpdate the copyright year in a R or SQL file
updateCopyrightYearFolderUpdate the copyright year in all R and SQL files in a folder
updatePackageNameUpdate the package name in a R or SQL file
updatePackageNameFolderUpdate the package name in all R and SQL files in a folder
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