Man pages for OJWatson/rdhs
API Client and Data Munging for the Demographic and Health Survey Data

api_call_cache_directory_namedirectory name for where calls are cached between sessions
available_surveysDHS surveys that can be downloaded
client_file_namefile name for where client is saved between sessions
dhs_authenticateDHS Wesbite Authentication
dhs_cache_datePull last cache date
dhs_clientMake a dhs client
dhs_last_updatePull last DHS database update time
dhs_read_datasetraed in dhs standard file types
download_datasetsDownload surveys specified using output of...
dta_factor_formatreformat dta to be more useful
extractionDHS survey questions extracted from surveys
haven_factor_formatreformat haven read ins to be more useful
pipePipe operator
R6_dhs_clientwill either return your request as a parsed json (having...
rdhs'rdhs' DHS database through R
response_is_jsonchecks if the response is json or not by looking at the...
response_to_jsonconverts response to json by first converting the response to...
unzip_warn_failsunzips files without throwing warnings
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