Man pages for Omni-Analytics-Group/RnumeraiAPI
Interface to the Numerai Machine Learning Tournament API

current_roundGet current round and it's closing time
download_dataFunction to download the Numerai Tournament data
get_api_keyGets the Numerai API key
get_passwordGets the Numerai Password
get_public_idGets the Numerai Public ID
round_statsGet Information and leader board for a Round Number
run_queryFunction to run a raw GraphQL query on the API interface
set_api_keySets the Numerai API key
set_passwordSets the Numerai Password
set_public_idSets the Numerai Public ID
stake_nmrStake NMR on the current round and single tournament
stake_nmr_multiStake NMR on the current round and multiple tournaments
status_submission_by_idGet information about a submission from a submission id
submit_predictionsFunction to submit the Numerai Tournament predictions for a...
submit_predictions_multiFunction to submit the Numerai Tournament predictions for...
user_infoGet information about your username
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