Man pages for OnofriAndreaPG/aomisc
Statistical methods for the agricultural sciences

AMMIAMMI analysis for multienvironment genotype experiments
angularTransformAngular transformation for percentages
anova.aovListPrints an ANOVA table for an 'aovList' object
biplot.AMMIBiplots for AMMI and GGE analyses of multi-environment...
boxcox.nlsTransform-both-sides Box-Cox transformation
check.homCheck linear models for homoscedasticity
compCoefsPairwise comparisons of model parameters for nls objects
CVACanonical variate analysis for multienvironment and...
deviance.drcResidual deviance for a non-linear regression fit.
GGEGGE analysis for multienvironment genotype experiments
gnlhtLinear/nonlinear functions of model parameters
L.minorEnzyme kinetics
metamitronSoil degradation for metamitro with different co-applied...
pairCompPairwise comparisons between the elements of a vector
plot.nlsPlotting diagnostics for an 'nls' object
R2nlsGoodness of fit for nonlinear regression
SSasymRegAsymptotic functions
SS_BC3The Brain-Cousens hormesis models
SSexpoDecayExponential decay function
SSexpoGrowthExponential growth function
SSlinearSimple linear regression functions
SSlinear (Andrea Onofri's conflicted copy 2024-02-02)Simple linear regression functions
SSlogCurveLogarithmic curve
SSnegExpNegative exponential functions
SSpoly2Simple polynomial regression functions
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