Man pages for Oromendia/oromendia
Clara Oromendia's suite of R functions for significant differences among all pairs of...
cleanupForMarkdown_univAndMultiGLMExtract output from univAndMultiGLM
COCreateTableOneWrapper around tableone to print in RMD
extract_mod_zeroinf_countExtract nice coef table for negative binomial model
format_crrPrint competing risks regression output with CI and P values
format_pvalFormat p value
format_tidy_coxPrint coxph after using tidy
format_tidy_coxmePrint Cox Mixed effects regression output with CI and P...
format_tidy_genPrint generic regression output with CI and P values
format_tidy_lmPrint linear model after using tidy
ggplotRegressionMake a crude scatterplot with regression line printed on it
mktab_ChiSq_postHocWrapper around tableone to print in RMD
mktab_KW_postHocPrint results of Kruskal-Wallis Post Hoc Test
myLinear_coefTableExtract nice coef table for linear model
myLogistic_coefTableExtract nice coef table for binomial model
univAndMultiGLMMake a table with univariable and multivariable logistic...
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