Man pages for OuhscBbmc/OuhscMunge
Data Manipulation Operations

assertAssert vector characteristics
clump_dateAssign date for a given year & month
cut_with_nasConvert numeric to factor, with an explicit level for 'NA's
date_rangeFind date ranges in the prescence of missing subsets
detergeConvert (and possibly clean) a vector
execute_sql_fileExecute a SQL file
first_nonmissingFirst nonmissing element in a vector
hash_and_salt_sha_256Salt and hash a value
headstart_utilitiesUtilities for outputting characteristics of a dataset used it...
install_packages_addinInstall important packages
match_statisticsCreate explicit factor level for missing values.
open_dsn_channel_sqlsOpen an ODBC channel to a SQL Server database
OuhscMungeData manipulation operations frequently used in OUHSC BBMC...
package_janitor_remotechecks the user's installed packages against the packages...
readr_spec_alignedAlign & qualify the 'col_types' specification passed to...
replace_nas_with_explicitCreate explicit factor level for missing values.
replace_with_nasConvert blank, zero-length values to 'NA's for a variety of...
retrieve_key_valueRead a value stored in a database.
snake_caseConvert variable names to snake_case
trimTrim extreme values
update_packages_addinDownload and install dependencies
upload_sqls_odbcUpload to a SQL Server database using odbc
upload_sqls_rodbcUpload to a SQL Server database using RODBC
verify_data_frameObject inherits from data.frame. (Soft-deprecated.)
verify_value_headstartGenerates code to verify a data.frame.
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