Man pages for PabloMBooster/fenix

area_isoparalitoralArea isoparalitoral
cohort_to_lengthCohort to length
coverCalaarea covered by fleet
DateTempSeasons of the North-Center Stock of the Peruvian anchovy
estima_dcDistance to coast
estima_distanceMinimal distance
estima_distance_signoMinimal distance
extrae_numeroExtract number
fun_mean_ICconfidence intervals
get_weekGet week
jet_colorsColor palette
mapa_peruMap of Peru
mapa_peru2Map of Peru
modasFind modas
plot_reproPlots of reproductive indices
puntos_tierrapoints on land
rangeWeekRange of day by week
remove_outliersRemove outliers
sd_mediandesviation of median
test_normTests of normality
trimRemove whitespace
variogramaMake a variograma
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