Man pages for PaoloLuciano/bpwpm
Bayesian Piecewise Polinomial Model

accuracyCalculate the Accuracy of the model
bpwpm_gibbsBayesian Piecewise Polinomial Model
calculate_FF matrix calculation
calculate_PhiPiece wise polinomial expansion for X (PWP)
calculate_projectionCalculate Projection Vector
contingency_tableContingency Table for the prediciton of a bpwpm
ergodic_meanErgodic Mean
log_lossLog Loss
model_projectionCalculates trained model for new Data
plot_2DWrapper Function for 2D Input Plots
plot_2D_dataScatter Plot of 2D data
plot_2D_projPlot 2D projection of the Model
plot_3D_projPlots the 3D representation of the projection function
plot.bpwpmGeneric bpwpm plotting
plot.bpwpm_predictionGeneric function for plotting bpwpm_predictions objects
plot_chainsPlot MCMC Chains
plot_each_FPlots each dimention f(x)
plot_ergodic_meanPlot Ergodic Mean
plot_histPlot MCMC Chains histograms
posterior_paramsPuntual Posterior Estimation of bpwpm Parameters
posterior_probsCalculate Probabilities of Binary Outcome
predict.bpwpmPredict Method for a bpwpm
summary.bpwpmSummarizes an bpwpm run
summary.bpwpm_paramsSummarizes the parameters of an bpwpm
summary.bpwpm_predictionSummarizes an bpwpm prediciton
thin_bpwpmThinning of a BPWPM
thin_chainThin MCMC Chain
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