Man pages for PascalCrepey/HospitalNetwork
Building networks of hospitals through patients transfers

adjust_overlapping_staysCheck and fix overlapping admissions.
all_admissions_summarySummary statistics on entire database
checkBaseGeneral check function
checkFormatCheck database format
create_fake_subjectDBCreate a fake subject database
create_fake_subjectDB_clusteredCreate a fake subject database with clustering
create_subject_stayCreate a fake subject stay
edgelist_from_baseCompute the edgelist of a network from a database of...
get_betweennessCompute the betweenness centrality
get_closenessCompute closeness
get_clustersCompute the clusters
get_degreeCompute the degree of each nodes in the network
get_hubs_byclusterFunction computing hub scores of nodes by group
get_hubs_globalFunction computing hub scores for each node. If bycluster =...
get_matrix_byclusterFunction returning matrices of transfers within each by...
get_metricsCompute network metrics
HospiNetClass providing the HospiNet object with its methods
hospinet_from_subject_databaseCreate HospiNet object from subject database
matrix_from_baseCompute the adjacency matrix of a network from a database of...
matrix_from_edgelistCompute the adjacency matrix of a network from its edgelist
mod_construct_networkmod_construct_network_ui and mod_construct_network_server
mod_databasemod_database_ui and mod_database_server
mod_loadNcheckmod_loadNcheck_ui and mod_loadNcheck_server
mod_networkmod_network_ui and mod_network_server
mod_statmetmod_statmet_ui and mod_statmet_server
per_facility_summaryFunction that extracts summary statistics from entire...
run_appRun the Shiny Application
shiny_appLaunch app
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