Man pages for PascalKieslich/mousetrap
Process and Analyze Mouse-Tracking Data

bezierCreate Bezier-curves using the Bernstein approximation.
bimodality_coefficientCalculate bimodality coefficient.
KH2017Mouse-tracking dataset from Kieslich & Henninger (2017)
KH2017_rawRaw mouse-tracking dataset from Kieslich & Henninger (2017)
mousetrapProcess and analyze mouse-tracking data
mt_add_trajectoryAdd new trajectory to trajectory array.
mt_add_variablesAdd new variables to trajectory array.
mt_aggregateAggregate mouse-tracking data per condition.
mt_aggregate_per_subjectAggregate mouse-tracking data per condition separately for...
mt_alignAlign trajectories.
mt_align_startAlign start position of trajectories.
mt_align_start_endAlign start and end position of trajectories.
mt_anglesCalculate movement angles.
mt_animateCreate gif trajectory animation.
mt_averageAverage trajectories across intervals.
mt_bindJoin two trajectory arrays
mt_check_bimodalityAssess bimodality of mouse-tracking measure distributions.
mt_check_resolutionCheck logging resolution by looking at timestamp differences.
mt_clusterCluster trajectories.
mt_cluster_kEstimate optimal number of clusters.
mt_countCount number of observations.
mt_derivativesCalculate distance, velocity, and acceleration.
mt_deviationsCalculate deviations from idealized trajectory.
mt_diffmapCreates a difference-heatmap of two trajectory heatmap...
mt_distmatCompute distance matrix.
mt_exampleA mousetrap data object.
mt_example_rawRaw mouse-tracking dataset for demonstrations of the...
mt_exclude_initiationExclude initial phase without mouse movement.
mt_export_longExport mouse-tracking data.
mt_heatmapPlot trajectory heatmap.
mt_heatmap_ggplotPlot trajectory heatmap using ggplot.
mt_heatmap_rawCreates high-resolution heatmap of trajectory data.
mt_import_longImport mouse-tracking data saved in long format.
mt_import_mousetrapImport mouse-tracking data recorded using the mousetrap...
mt_import_wideImport mouse-tracking data saved in wide format.
mt_mapMap trajectories to prototypes.
mt_measuresCalculate mouse-tracking measures.
mt_plotPlot trajectory data.
mt_plot_add_rectAdd rectangles to trajectory plot.
mt_plot_per_trajectoryCreate PDF with separate plots per trajectory.
mt_plot_riverbedPlot density of mouse positions across time steps.
mt_prototypesMouse trajectory prototypes.
mt_qeffectCreate quantile-effect plot
mt_remap_symmetricRemap mouse trajectories.
mt_resampleResample trajectories using a constant time interval.
mt_reshapeGeneral-purpose reshape and aggregation function for...
mt_sample_entropyCalculate sample entropy.
mt_scale_trajectoriesStandardize variables in mouse trajectory array.
mt_space_normalizeSpace normalize trajectories.
mt_spatializeSpatialize trajectories.
mt_standardizeStandardize mouse-tracking measures per level of other...
mt_subsetFilter mousetrap data.
mt_time_normalizeTime normalize trajectories.
print.mt_heatmap_rawGeneric print for class mt_heatmap_raw
read_mtRead MouseTracker raw data.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
scale_withinScale and center variables within the levels of another...
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