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Bayesian Inference On Treatment Effects For Panel Data

bayesTrtEffectsBayesian Estimation of Treatment Effects in Panel Setting
comp_logmlCompute Maximum log-Likelihood
comp_trt_effectsCompute treatment effects
condmoms_utilConditional Moments Computation
drawAlphaIndicesSFDraw indicators and regression coefficients
drawBetaLambdaIndicesSFDraw Indices for beta and lambda coefficients
draw_cov_parmsDraw covariates for SRF/SRI models
drawErrorVarianceDraw Error Variance
draw_factor_switchregDraw factors for SRF/SRI
draw_indic_coeff_switchregDraw indices for selection upon sigma and rho parameters for...
draw_loadingsHelpfunction for Model SRF latent Factor Switching Regression
drawSharedFactorDraw Shared Factor
drawUtilityDraw latent utilities
ineff_factorInefficiency Factor
lcondxCompute Negative Log-Likelihood
llikjCompute log-Likelihood
lmvnormCompute log-Likelihood of multivariate Normals
lnormCompute Normal log-Likelihood
loglik_mvnorm_balpanCompute log-Likelihood of Balanced Panels
make_regmat_unbalTransscribes Basic Object to Internal Matrix
mh_stepComputes a Metropolis Hastings Step
negllik_jtCompute Negative log-Likelihood
negllik_jt_rhoComputes negative log-Likelihood
postmom_help_regpostmom_help_reg method
readPanelUbRead Data file and transform
select_trt_sharedfacModelling Treatment Effects via Shared Factor Model
select_trt_switchregRun treatment computations with switching regression model
startingValuesComputes starting values for parameter search
trt_baselineExample dataset to demonstrate use and structure of bate...
trt_paneldataExample dataset containing the panel information
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