Man pages for Paul-James/pjames
Local Helper Functions

casetrimStandardize letter case and trim whitespace for dataframes
combinecolsCombine two or more columns into one
evalparseWrapper for eval and parse text
excelpmtR analog port of Excel's PMT function
fibonacciCalculate a fibonacci sequence
grepdfGrep a dataframe: many synergy, much useful, wow
hashcolCreate a grouped hash table instead of using split()
lettercasesAdditional lettercase conversions
makepathCreate a pathway variable
messagefChainable, Sprintf-able messages
mylibEasily load multiple libraries without many library calls
notinNot in (opposite to %in%)
pftPrint the full time
pjames'pjames' package
ppWrapper for paste and print
sqlanalogsSQL Analog to left & right substring functions
tourneyTournament seeding
viewChainable View
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