API for PeteHaitch/DRMatrix
Compressed In-Memory Representation of 3-Dimensional Arrays That Contain Many Duplicate Slices

Global functions
Complex,DSArray-method Man page
DSArray Man page
DSArray,array-method Man page
DSArray,list-method Man page
DSArray,matrix-method Man page
DSArray,missing-method Man page
DSArray-class Man page
DSArray-package Man page
DSArray-utils Man page
Math,DSArray-method Man page
Math2,DSArray-method Man page
Ops,DSArray,DSArray-method Man page
Ops,DSArray,vector-method Man page
Ops,vector,DSArray-method Man page
[,DSArray-method Man page
[<-,DSArray,ANY,ANY,DSArray-method Man page
acbind,DSArray-method Man page
arbind,DSArray-method Man page
as.array.DSArray Source code
bind_DSArray Source code
cummax,DSArray-method Man page
cummin,DSArray-method Man page
cumprod,DSArray-method Man page
cumsum,DSArray-method Man page
densify Man page Source code
densify,DSArray-method Man page
dim,DSArray-method Man page
dimnames,DSArray-method Man page
dimnames<-,DSArray,NULL-method Man page
dimnames<-,DSArray,list-method Man page
drawDSArray Source code
dsa Man page
dsa_identical_to_array Man page Source code
extract_DSArray_subset Source code
length,DSArray-method Man page
list_to_array Source code
nslice Man page
nslice,DSArray-method Man page
replace_DSArray_subset Source code
show,DSArray-method Man page
show_DSArray Source code
sizeBaseArray Source code
sizeDSArray Source code
sizeRatio Source code
slicenames Man page
slicenames,DSArray-method Man page
slicenames<- Man page
slicenames<-,DSArray,NULL-method Man page
slicenames<-,DSArray,character-method Man page
valid.DSArray Source code
valid.DSArray.key Source code
valid.DSArray.val Source code
validate_DSArray_subscript Source code
validate_DSArray_value_dim Source code
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