Man pages for PeterVogel1991/betaROC

align_caption'align_caption' aligns the caption at the left if the...
check_model.frameChecks the correctness of model.frame inputs
fill_empROCFill ROC curve by linear interpolation
fit_initial_parsFits initial parameters for the minimum distance estimation...
get_TPRComputes the TPR value for given FPR value and model...
get_TPR_beta2pImplementations of get_TPR functions for the different MDE...
helloHello, World!
linint_empROCLinear interpolation of a ROC curve
plot.rocS3 method for 'roc' object
rm_attribute_termsRemoves the attribute terms from a model.frame
rocReceiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) object
roc_empiricalComputes the empirical ROC curve values
roc_sqeSquared error for fit of empirical by parametric ROC curve
shift_ipar_betaShifts beta parameters into the triangular region...
visualize_ipar_betaOnly for test purposes
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