Man pages for PhDMeiwp/basicPackages
Install all Basic R Packages in a simple way

install.allInstall All R Packages within the 'basicPackage'
install.BioconductorInstall R Packages from Bioconductor R Packages for Data Analysis R Packages of 'ggplot2' and its extensions
install.github.PhDMeiwpInstall R Packages contained in the repositories of Github...
install.graphicInstall R Packages for Graphic excluding gg.series
install.isotopeInstall R Packages for Stable Isotope Analysis
install.othersInstall some other R Packages
install.writedownInstall R Packages for Writedown Series
install.yyplotInstall R Packages of 'yyplot' from Github
pathR.libPaths() function
RenvironCreat '.Renviron' file
RprofileCreat '.Rprofile'
updatePackagesALLUpdate All Packages Installed from CRAN, BioC, and Github
updateRupdate R version
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