Man pages for PhilippBuehler/FloodR
Separation of Flood Event and Event Precipitation

calc_statsCalculating flood statistics for output in GUI and table
create_voronoiCreation of Voronoi polygons based on DWD-stations
eventsepFlood event separation based on variance
fncolsAdds Column to dataframe if nonexcistend
min_max_coordinatesDetermine the minimal and maximal eastings and northings for... table and covnerts string to date
PKGENVIRInternal Environment. Environment for Shiny
PreconeCPDetermine the begin of event precipitation
PrectwoCPDetermine the begin of event precipitation
Run_WebFloodGraphical web interface for browsing trough floodevents in...
trTranslates text in Shiny (German <-> English)
voronoiinterpolationInterpolation of precipitation or temperature data for a...
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