Man pages for Pozdniakov/rdracor
Access To The DraCor API

authorsRetrieve authors and number of plays they have for a corpus
dracor_apiSend a GET request to DraCor API and parse the results
get_corpusRetrieve metadata for all plays in a corpus.
get_dracorRetrieve information on available corpora.
get_dracor_api_infoRetrieve Dracor API info.
get_play_castRetrieve data for characters in a play.
get_play_metadataRetrieve metadata for a play.
get_play_metricsRetrieve network metrics for a play.
get_play_networkdata_csvRetrieve edges list for a play.
get_play_networkdata_gexfRetrieve network for a play in GEXF.
get_play_rdfRetrieve an RDF for a play.
get_play_spoken_textRetrieve lines and stage directions for a play
get_play_teiRetrieve a text for a play in TEI.
get_sparqlSubmit SPARQL queries to DraCor API.
is.authorsTest an object to be an 'authors' object.
is.corpusTest an object to be a 'corpus' object.
is.dracorTest an object to be a 'dracor' object.
is.play_igraphTest an object to be a 'play_igraph' object.
label_play_igraphExtract labels for plotting 'play_igraph' object.
play_igraphRetrieve an igraph network for a play.
plot.authorsPlot number of plays by authors of the corpus
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