Man pages for PranaGeo/Spectral
Classes and methods for spectral (optical) data

Arith-Spectra-Spectra-methodApply arithmetic operations on/between 'Spectra' objects
cash-Spectra-methodExtract or replace parts of a 'Spectra' object
dim-Spectra-methodDimensions of a 'Spectra' object.
geoSpectralManipulation of spectral (electromagnetic) data
head-Spectra-methodReturn the first or last part of a 'Spectra' object
names-Spectra-methodThe Names of a 'Spectra' object
ncol-Spectra-methodThe Number of Columns of a Spectra object
nrow-Spectra-methodThe Number of rows of a 'Spectra' object
show-SpcHeader-methodShow a SpcHeader object
show-Spectra-methodShow a 'Spectra' object
spc.cname.constructGenerating column names for a 'Spectra' object
spc.colnamesColumn names of 'Spectra' object
spc.data2headerPopulate fields of header slot using data from data slot
spc.export.textExporting into text format
spc.export.xlsxExports a 'Spectra' object into Excel format.
spc.getheaderExtract a field of the @header slot of a 'Spectra' object
spc.getinvalid.idxGet index of 'Spectra' rows marked as invalid
spc.getselected.idxExtract index inside of a 'Spectra' object
spc.getwavelengthsExtract wave lenghts of a 'Spectra' object
spc.header2dataGet header for data
spc.import.textImporting spectral data from a text file
spc.linesAdd spectra to an existing plot
spc.make.stindexCreate a spatio-temporal index based on a list of 'Spectra'...
spc.plotPlotting 'Spectra' object
spc.plot.depth.plotlyDisplay a Spectra object a Spectra object a Spectra object a Spectra object
spc.plot.plotlysp = spc.example_spectra() spc.plot.plotly(sp)...
spc.plot.timePlotting 'Spectra' object
spc.plot.time.plotlyPlot a Spectra object data with respect to time
spc.rbindCombine 'Spectra' Objects by Rows
spc.rbind-STIDF-methodCombine 'Spectra' objects by Rows
spc.Read_NOMAD_v2Read the NOMAD v2 bio-optical database
spc.setheader-setSet a field of the @header slot of a 'Spectra' object
spc.setinvalid.idx-setSet rows of 'Spectra' as invalid
spc.setselected.idx-setSet index to a 'Spectra' object
spc.setwavelengths-setSetting wavelenghts in a 'Spectra' object
spc.STI.stdistanceReport the space and time distance of each row of an...
spc.updateheader-setUpdate a field of the @header slot of a 'Spectra' object
SpectraConstructor function for the class 'Spectra'.
Spectra-classCreate a spectra class definition
subset-Spectra-methodSubsetting for a 'Spectra' and spcList classes
sub-Spectra-methodExtract or replace parts of a 'Spectra' object
sub-sub-Spectra-character-missing-methodExtract or replace parts of a 'Spectra' object
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