Man pages for PredictiveEcology/SpaDES.shiny
Utilities for building 'shiny' apps for 'SpaDES' simulations

adminLogsAdmin log file viewer shiny module
appNewsGenerate a page displaying your app's 'NEWS' file
authGoogleAuthorize a user using Google Drive account
cloneAppClone an existing 'SpaDES.shiny' app to a new directory
configFileWrite YAML config file
copyrightAuthorsGenerate Authors and Copyright Information
dataInfoModule data sources information module
debuggingGenerate Debugging Tab
exportExport module
exportToFileExport to file
footersGenerate HTML footers for body or sidebar
gdal2TilesConvert a raster to tile images
getModuleByIdRetrieve a module metadata from modules tibble.
getSubtableGet subtable from a 'data.table'
histogramHistogram Module UI Function
histogramForRasterHistogram for Raster Shiny Module
initialMapInitial map module
libInitInitialize a 'SpaDES.shiny' app's 'packrat' library
moduleInfoDetailed 'SpaDES' module info module
moduleParams'SpaDES' module parameter values module
newAppCreate a new 'SpaDES.shiny' app
newAppDeprecatedCreate a new 'SpaDES.shiny' app
newConfigCreate a new app config file
newPolygonListCreate a new 'polygonList' object
pkgEnvThe 'SpaDES.shiny' package environment
pkgInfoHelpersGet installed package dependencies
pkgInformationGenerate Package Dependency Version Information
polygonChooserShiny module for selecting a polygon to display an a map
polygonsUpdaterPolygons updater (shiny module)
privacyStatementGenerate a page displaying your app's Privacy Statement
proj4stringLFLTLeaflet 'proj.4' string
rasterOverTimeRasters-over-time shiny module
readConfigRead an app's YAML config file
renderCallModuleDirectiveRender a 'callModule' directive.
renderCallModuleDirectivesRender 'callModule' directives for provided modules.
renderCopyrightRender the copyright holder name of the app.
renderExperimentDirectivesRender 'callModule' directives for experiment module if...
renderMenuItemRender a menu item.
renderMenuItemsRender menu items for provided layout and available modules.
renderParametersRender parameters
renderSidebarRender additional sidebar footer info.
renderSimInitDirectiveRender 'callModule' directives for 'simInit' module if...
renderSpadesShinyGlobalRender and save global.R file.
renderSpadesShinyServerRender and save server.R file.
renderSpadesShinyUIRender and save 'ui.R' file.
renderTabItemRender a tab item.
renderTabItemsRender tab items for provided layout and available modules.
renderTemplateRender a template using 'whisker' package.
renderTitleRender the name of the app.
shineDisplay a simple, interactive shiny app of the 'simList'
shinyModuleUse an existing shiny module.
simEventDiagramSimulation event diagram shiny module
simInfo'SpaDES' simulation information (parent) module
simLogFileGet simulation-specific log filepath
simModuleDiagram'SpaDES' module diagram module
simObjectDiagram'SpaDES' object diagram
simOutputsSimulation outputs (graphs and figures) module
slicerSlicer shiny module
slicer2'slicer2' shiny module
sliderSlider Module
spades_exptShiny module to run a 'SpaDES' simulation experiment
SpaDES.shiny-packageThe 'SpaDES.shiny' package
spades_simInitShiny module to initialize a 'SpaDES' simulation
summaryPopupsSummary popups (shiny module)
termsOfServiceGenerate a page displaying your app's Terms of Service
tilesUpdaterTiles updater (shiny module)
timeSeriesofRastersTime series of rasters shiny module
unsuspendModuleUnsuspend hidden modules
updateConfigUpdate YAML config file
updateListUpdate polygon list
uploadPolygonUpload a shapefile
visualizeDataTableDisplay data.table (shiny module)
visualizePolygonsVisualize 'SpatialPolygons*' (shiny module)
visualizeRasterVisualize raster (shiny module)
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