Man pages for PredictiveEcology/map
Defines a meta class of geographical objects, the 'map' class, and associated tools

areaCalculate area of (named) objects the 'map' obj
buildMetadataBuild 'map' obj metadata table
crsExtract the crs of a 'map'
fasterize2Fasterize with crop & spTransform first
gdal_polygonizeRPolygonize with GDAL
leafletTilesExtract leaflet tile paths from a 'map' obj
mapAddAppend a spatial object to map
mapAddAnalysisAdd an analysis to a 'map' object
mapAnalysisGeneric analysis for map objects
map-classThe 'map' class
mapRmRemove objects from a 'map'
mapsExtract rasters in the 'map' object
map-utilitiesUtility functions for grouping analyses in a 'map' object
metadataExtract the metadata obj
postHocAdd a post hoc analysis function to a 'map' object
rasterToMatchExtract the rasterToMatch(s) from a 'x'
showShow method for map class objects
studyAreaExtract the studyArea(s) from a 'map'
studyAreaNameMap class methods
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