Man pages for PrincetonUniversity/agroEcoTradeoff
Landuse Tradeoff analysis model

batch_paramsCreate parameter table for batch run
batch_statExtract and summarize batch impact statistics
check_lengthChecks and object length to make sure it is equal to 1 or max...
constraintsEstablishes per pixel probability of fields being converted...
convertLand conversion module
dt_list_to_rasterConverts rasters to data.tables
fetch_inputsFetches inputs from file structure for trademod
fnameFilenaming function for rasters
heatCreate heat map from group of conversion map data.table
impactCalculates impacts of cropland conversions
impact_mod1Impacts module 1 (carbon)
impact_mod2Impacts module 2 (cose)
impact_mod3Impacts module 3 (biodiversity)
imp_plotImpact map plot
imp_sorterCorrectly order file names of conversion maps from a batch...
input_handlerData preparation function
nm_upLayer assigning name for rasterStackBrick
non_dominatorRemove dominated solutions
paretoApproximates Pareto front for multi-objective optimization of...
pareto_stepsGenerate weight combinations for running pareto function
raster_list_to_dtConverts rasters to data.tables
rast_mathEvaluates a raster or raster using logical tests
rclass_chkChecks class of raster object
run_codeCreates unique code for outputs from each simulation
set_base_pathGives model base path
set_lengthChecks and sets object length to correct length
shhhSilences print statements or not
spatial_metaFetches raster meta data for study area
standardizeFunction to standardize values from 0-1, for raster or...
targetsCalculates crop production targets
tradeoff_batchRuns tradeoff_mod in batch mode
tradeoff_modSpatial tradeoffs model
ybeta_rast_to_dtRaster ybetas to data.tables (deprecated)
yield_modModifies input data.tables by provided multipliers
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