Man pages for ProjectMOSAIC/mosaicCore
Common Utilities for Other MOSAIC-Family Packages

ashplotCompute knot points of an average shifted histogram
coefExtract coefficients from a function
columnsreturn a vector of row or column indices
dfapplyapply-type function for data frames
df_statsCalculate statistics on a variable
ediffLagged Differences with equal length
evalFormulaEvaluate a formula
evalSubFormulaEvaluate a part of a formula
fit_distr_funFit a distribution to data and return a function
formulariseConvert lazy objects into formulas
infer_transformationInfer a Back-Transformation
inspectInspect objects
interval_statisticsInterval statistics
joinFramesJoin data frames
list-utilsList extraction
logical2factorConvert logical vector into factor
logitLogit and inverse logit functions
make_dfConvert to a data frame
makeFunCreate a function from a formula
modelVarsextract predictor variables from a model
mosaicformulaConvert formulas into standard shapes
msummaryModified summaries
na.warnExclude Missing Data with Warning
nicenamesNice names
n_missingCounting missing/non-missing elements
parseFormulaParse Formulas
propCompute proportions, percents, or counts for a single level
propsCompute all proportions or counts
reop_formulaInsert Inhibition of Interpretation/Conversion into formulas
tallyTabulate categorical data
vector2dfConvert a vector to a data frame
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