Man pages for PublicHealthEngland/fingertipscharts
Produce Charts that you See on the Fingertips Website

area_profilesPlot spine chart
box_plotsPlot a series of boxplots
compare_areasPlot compare areas chart
compare_indicatorsPlot compare indicators plot
create_datatableData table supporting information
create_test_dataCreate test data
ensure_ons_api_availableCheck if the given ONS json is available
fingertipschartsfingertipscharts: A package for creating the visualisations...
mapPlot a choropleth map for an indicator
mapdataDummy data for Upper Tier Local Authorities so dummy maps can...
overviewPlot an overview (tartan rug) of multiple indicators
populationPlot population pyramid
round2Proper rounding of values
scale_fill_pheFingertips scale fill for ggplot2
spine_data_checkCheck function for multiple values for an area in an...
spine_preprocessPreprocess data for spine chart
spine_rescalerRescale spine data
theme_pheFingertips theme for ggplot2
trendsPlot trend chart
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