Man pages for QTCAT/hit
Hierarchical Inference Testing

as.hierarchyHierarchy Structure
dend2hierCreate a hierarchy from a dendrogram
fast.anovaFast ANOVA
fast.glmanovaFast GLM F test of LR test ANOVA
fast.lmanovaFast LM F test ANOVA
heightDendrogramHeights of Dendrogram
hitHierarchical Inference Testing
hit-packageHierarchical Inference Testing
names.hierarchyNames of Hierarchy
reorder.hierarchyReorder Hierarchy
samp1.lambda.overallCross-validation of LASSO penenlty lambda
samp1.lasso.overallVariabel Screening
samp1.lasso.splitVariabel Screening
samp2.sigHierarchyVariabel Testing along the hierarchy
samp2.sigNodeANOVA testing and multiplicity adjustment
summary.hitSummary of HIT
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