Man pages for QianMazi/MaziBox

buildkeybuild key for key data frame
EE_Day0conduct day 0 statistics analysis
EE_defaultEventsreturn default event set
EE_distributeplot event histogram
EE_ExpandETSExpand ETS object into TS object with index. Multi-row...
EE_getETSfromJYGet ETS object from JY database
EE_GetTSErrPlug in ETS and return a TS object with Err and index.
EE_PlotPlug in TSErr object and return the summary plot
EE.port_backtestback test function for ets
EE_splitplotSplit plot by sector
EE_splitTSErrsplit TSerr
EE_tablePlug in TSErr object and return the mean summary table
EE_wrap_analyzerWrap up ETS analyzing functions
ets.002get ETS of 002 stocks
ets.employeeplanget ETS of employee plan
ets.leader_tradeget ETS of leader trading stocks.
ets.stget ETS of st strategy
ets.unfreezeget ETS of stocks unfreezing
ets.yjyz_refineYJYZ REFINE
getETSplug in ts object and return with ets object.
getETSscoreplug in ts object and return with ets score.
gf.old_NP_YOYget old NP YOY
ladderNAVladder position port function
rpt.dailyEmotionreturn daily emotion report
rptDate.forecastInfoget forecast report info according to rptTS
rptDate.rsvDateget reserved publ date according to rptDate
rsrs_timingRSRS timing
rtndemoassets return demo dataset.
trday.count.vecCount trading days by passing vector inputs.
trday.get.vecGet tradingday by passing in vector inputs.
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