Man pages for QianMazi/MaziBox

buildkeybuild key for key data frame
EE_AnalyzerWrap up ETS analyzing functions
EE_Day0conduct day 0 statistics analysis
EE_DefaultEventSetreturn default event set
EE_distributeplot event histogram
EE_ExpandETSExpand ETS object into TS object with index. Multi-row...
EE_getETSfromJYGet ETS object from JY database
EE_GetTSErrPlug in ETS and return a TS object with Err and index.
EE_PlotPlug in TSErr object and return the summary plot
EE_SplitAnalyzersplit ets into group and conduct analysis
EE_splityearSplit and return the plots of each year
EE_tablePlug in TSErr object and return the mean summary table
ets.employeeplanget ETS of employee plan
ets.EQ002_forecastget ETS of EQ002 forecast strategy.
ets.forecastget ETS of forecast report
ets.leaderbuyget ETS of leader buying stocks.
ets.leaderbuy_largebuyget ETS of leader buying stocks a lot within a few times.
ets.leadersellget ETS of leader selling stocks.
ets.leadersell_largesellget ETS of leader selling stocks a lot within a few times.
ets.low_F_NPget ETS of stocks with low forecasting
etstackplug in ets and return accumulated value of certain varialbe.
etstickplug in ets and return frequency of certain period.
ets.unfrozget ETS of stocks unfrozing
fillnaFill in the NA.
getETSplug in ts object and return with ets object.
getETSscoreplug in ts object and return with ets score.
getmonthFacTransform daily TSF to montly TSF.
ladderNAVladder position port function
MonthMAget month MA for TS
paramsensitest sensitivity of the parameters
rpt.dailyemotionreturn daily emotion report
rsrs_timingRSRS timing
rtndemoassets return demo dataset.
strategy_rtn_roughturning ets to rtn series
strategy_st_initST strategy initiate
strategy_st_updST strategy update
subsetColadjusted subset function for Chinese string.
trday.count.vecCount trading days by passing vector inputs.
trday.get.vecGet tradingday by passing in vector inputs.
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