Man pages for QualitativeDataRepository/archivr
Archivr - Save Your Websites in or the Wayback Machine

archivArchive a list of urls in Wayback or perma_cc.
archiv.fromTextSave the links in a text file (docx, pdf, markdown) in...
archiv.fromUrlSave the links in a url in or Wayback.
archiv_permaSaves a single url in
archivrArchivr: Save Your Websites in or the Wayback...
archiv_waybackSave a url on the wayback machine.
check_folderWorks with get_subfolders to flatten the folder ids tree
dot-perma_cc_folder_prefGlobal var for the API key for
dot-wb_available_urlDefault url for the Wayback Machine
extract_urls_from_folderGet the urls from all text, pdf, or docx files in a folder
extract_urls_from_textGet the urls from a text file, .pdf file, .docx file, or...
extract_urls_from_webpageExtracts the urls from a webpage.
from_perma_ccCheck whether a url is available in
from_waybackCheck whether a url is available in the Wayback Machine
get_api_keyGet the api key if set.
get_default_folderGet the folder id of the default folder (usually...
get_folder_idGet the folder id set for the current api key.
get_folder_idsGet the folder ids starting from the default folder.
get_subfoldersWorks with check_folder to flatten folder ids tree
list_stringCreates a json string from a list of urls.
set_api_keySet the api key(s) for apis, if required.
set_folder_idSet the folder to save items in
view_archivGet archiving data from a list of Urls
view_archiv.fromTextCollect information on whether links in a file are archived.
view_archiv.fromUrlCollect information on whether links contained in a webpage...
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