Man pages for QuantGen/LinkedMatrix
Column-Linked and Row-Linked Matrices

as.ColumnLinkedMatrixConverts an Object to a LinkedMatrix Object.
as.matrix.LinkedMatrixConverts a LinkedMatrix Instance to a Matrix (if Small...
cbind.ColumnLinkedMatrixCombine Matrix-Like Objects by Columns.
ColumnLinkedMatrix-classA Class for Linking Matrices by Columns or Rows.
indexMaps Each Column or Row Index of a Linked Matrix to the...
initialize-ColumnLinkedMatrix-methodCreate a LinkedMatrix Object.
LinkedMatrixCreate an Empty, Prespecified LinkedMatrix Object.
LinkedMatrix-classA Class Union of ColumnLinkedMatrix and RowLinkedMatrix.
LinkedMatrix-packageA Package for Linking Matrices by Columns or Rows.
nNodesReturns the Number of Nodes.
nodesReturns the Column or Row Indexes at Which Each Node Starts...
rbind.RowLinkedMatrixCombine Matrix-Like Objects by Rows.
show-LinkedMatrix-methodShow a LinkedMatrix Object.
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