The holiday season is around the corner and we are flooded with information for possible destinations. The goal is to create a Shiny app to extract useful information from differnt data sources to ultimately answer the question which holiday destination to choose.

We have pre-selected the following destinations:

We would now like to present information for each of these destinations using different information sources:

Each team shall choose one information source and create a Shiny Dashboard page presenting useful information. The respective destination will serve as an input and can be changed interactively.

Each team will work on one of the prepared modules:

Data is already prepared with the workspace in the folder ~/workshop and can be hard-coded within the application if used directly. Alternatively, data can also be integrated within the /data folder.

Note, that for deployment the workshop data folder should be placed within the package inst folder (but not commited to Git).


You can install the released version of travelboard from Github with:


You can run the app after package has been installed using


or within the directory inst/app by selecting either server.R or ui.R within RStudio and hitting the button Run App.

Project Template

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