Man pages for R-ArcGIS/r-bridge
Bindings for ArcGIS

arc.check_productArcGIS product and license information
arc.container-classClass "arc.container"
arc.dataClass ""
arc.data2sp-sfConvert '' or 'arc.raster' object to 'sp' -...
arc.dataset-classClass "arc.dataset"
arc.datasetraster-classClass "arc.datasetraster"
arc.datasetrastermosaic-classClass "arc.datasetrastermosaic"
arc.deleteDelete dataset
arc.envGet geoprocessing environment settings
arc.feature-classClass "arc.feature"
arc.fromP4ToWktConvert PROJ.4 Coordinate Reference System string to...
arc.fromWktToP4Convert a Well-known Text Coordinate Reference System into a...
arcgisbindingBindings for ArcGIS
arc.metadataGet metadata
arc.openOpen dataset, table, or layer
arc.portalArcGIS Enterprise and Online portals
arc.progressProgressor for ArcGIS Geoprocessing dialog
arc.rasterLoad or create "arc.raster" object
arc.raster-classReference Class "arc.raster"
arc.selectLoad dataset to "data.frame"
arc.shapeGet "arc.shape" geometry object
arc.shape2sp-sfConvert 'arc.shape' geometry object to sp::Spatial* - Spatial...
arc.shape-classClass "arc.shape"
arc.shapeinfoGet geometry information
arc.sp2datadeprecated Convert a sp SpatialDataFrame object to an...
arc.table-classClass "arc.table"
arc.writeWrite dataset, raster, feature, table or layer
as.rasterCreate RasterLayer or RasterBrick (raster package)
internalsJupyter notebook helpers
raster_enumsRaster resample, pixel, comression types
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