Man pages for R-ArcGIS/r-bridge
Bindings for ArcGIS

arc.check_productArcGIS product and license information
arc.container-classClass "arc.container"
arc.dataClass ""
arc.data2sfConvert an '' object to an 'sf' Simple Feature object
arc.data2spConvert an '' or 'arc.raster' object to an sp...
arc.dataset-classClass "arc.dataset"
arc.datasetraster-classClass "arc.datasetraster"
arc.datasetrastermosaic-classClass "arc.datasetrastermosaic"
arc.deleteDelete dataset
arc.envGet geoprocessing environment settings
arc.feature-classClass "arc.feature"
arc.fromP4ToWktConvert PROJ.4 Coordinate Reference System string to...
arc.fromWktToP4Convert a Well-known Text Coordinate Reference System into a...
arcgisbindingBindings for ArcGIS
arc.metadataGet metadata
arc.openOpen dataset, table, or layer
arc.progress_labelSet progressor label for Geoprocessing dialog box
arc.progress_posSet progressor position for Geoprocessing dialog box
arc.rasterLoad or create "arc.raster" object
arc.raster-classReference Class "arc.raster"
arc.selectLoad dataset to "data.frame"
arc.shapeGet "arc.shape" geometry object
arc.shape2sfConvert 'arc.shape' geometry to 'sfc' simple feature geometry
arc.shape2spConvert 'arc.shape' geometry sp spatial geometry
arc.shape-classClass "arc.shape"
arc.shapeinfoGet geometry information
arc.sp2datadeprecated Convert a sp SpatialDataFrame object to an...
arc.table-classClass "arc.table"
arc.writeWrite dataset, raster, feature, table or layer
as.rasterCreate RasterLayer or RasterBrick (raster package)
dimDimensions of an object
dplyr.supportdplyr support
namesGet names
pixel_typePixel types
raster_compression_typeCompression types
resample_typeResample types
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