Man pages for RBigData/pbdDMAT
'pbdR' Distributed Matrix Methods

accessorsAccessor Functions for Distributed Matrix Slots
arithmeticArithmetic Operators
as.ddmatrixNon-Distributed object to Distributed Object Converters
as.matrixDistributed object to Matrix Converters
as.rowcyclicDistribute/Redistribute matrices across the process grid
as.vectorDistributed object to Vector Converters
bindsRow and Column binds for Distributed Matrices
chol2invInverse from Choleski (or QR) Decomposition
companionGenerate Companion Matrices
ComparatorsLogical Comparisons
condnumsCompute or estimate the Condition Number of a Distributed...
controlSome default parameters for pbdDMAT.
covarianceCovariance and Correlation
ddmatrix-applyApply Family of Functions
ddmatrix-cholCholesky Factorization
ddmatrix-classClass ddmatrix
ddmatrix-constructorsDistributed Matrix Creation
ddmatrix-luLU Factorization
ddmatrix-prcompPrincipal Components Analysis
ddmatrix-printPrinting a Distributed Matrix
ddmatrix-summaryDistributed Matrix Summary
ddmatrix-sumstatsBasic Summary Statistics
ddmatrix-svdSingular Value Decomposition
diag-constructorsDistributed Matrix Diagonals
expmMatrix Exponentiation
extractExtract or Replace Parts of a Distributed Matrix
headsortailsHead and Tail of a Distributed Matrix
HilbertGenerate Hilbert Matrices
insertDirectly Insert Into Distributed Matrix Submatrix Slot
isdotType Checks, Including NA, NaN, etc.
lm.fitFitter for Linear Models
mathMiscellaneous Mathematical Functions
matmultMatrix Multiplication
naHandle Missing Values in Distributed Matrices
pbdDMAT-packageDistributed Matrix Methods
qrQR Decomposition Methods
redistributeDistribute/Redistribute matrices across the process grid
reductionsArithmetic Reductions: Sums, Means, and Prods
roundingRounding of Numbers
sdCovariance and Correlation
sparsitySparsity of Matrix Objects
transposeDistributed Matrix Transpose
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