mpi_progress: mpi_progress

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Show a progress bar for MPI tasks that use checkpointing. This is meant to be called by an external process and not the "big job" itself. For example, while the job is running, you might occasionally log in to the login node and run tasktools::mpi_progress("/path/to/checkpoints").





Path to the checkpoint files. Some extra restrictions here apply that do not apply to the mpi_*ply() functions themselves. See the details section for more information.


If all checkpoint files are in a single path, then you simply need to pass that path (as a string) to the function. This is typical if you are using a parallel file system. However, if the R processes use different paths for the checkpoint files, then you can pass all of those paths as a character vector. However, the calling process must be able to access all of those paths (i.e. it can't be node-local).


Invisibly returns NULL.

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