Man pages for REDUS-IMR/REDUStools
IMR Survey Time Series (STS) Explorer Application for OpenCPU

doGenerateGenerate an html output consists of plots and table.
genStatusHTMLGenerate status matrix for the survey timeseries processing.
getErrorInfoGet error information of a specific item in the matrix.
getREDUSRootDirGet REDUS work directory (as defined in the option file)
getSTSListLoad the available STS names from IMR NMD.
getTimeSeriesDirGet the time series directory path
loadSTSLoad the processed REDUS time series database.
loadTimeSeriesStatusLoad time series status data.
preprocessStart the pre-processing based on the given configuration...
processLenGrpHeaderProcess a length grup header.
processRstoxSTSProcess survey time series using Rstox.
stsPlotGenerate an STS plot using ggplot2.
stsTableGenerate an STS data table.
updateICESSurveyFileUpdate or add a survey index abundance in an ICES format...
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