Man pages for RMHoek/NOAAearthquakeAnalysis
Data analysis of Significant Earthquake Data from the NOAA

as_BC_datefunction to create date BC
eq_clean_dataclean naoo data contained in data.frame
eq_create_labelFunction to create popup_label text for interactive map
eq_location_cleanFunction to clean the location info in noaa earthquake data...
eq_mapFunction to create interactive map
geom_timelineCreate a timeline diagram
GeomTimelineggproto class for geom_timeline
geom_timeline_labelCreate labels for a timeline diagram
GeomTimelineLabelggproto class for geom_timeline_label
NOAAearthquakeAnalysis'NOAAearthquakeAnalysis' package
theme_timelinetheme for timeline plotting with geom_timeline
unite_YMDcreate single column data.frame with dates based on YMD data
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