Man pages for RPertille/ChillModels
Functions for Processing Models of Chill and Heat

cherry_modelSweet Cherry Model
count_betweenCount between
count_downCount Down
count_upCount Up
dynamic_modelDynamic Model
gala_modelGala model
gdha_modelGDH Model - Anderson - for heat accumulation
gdhr_modelGDH Model - Richardson - for heat accumulation
heat_restrictionHeat Restriction model
jones_modelJones Model
landsberg_modelLandsberg Model
lowchill_modelLow Chill
modified_dynamicDynamic Model Modified
north_carolinaNorth Carolina
pcu_modelPositive Chill Units - PCU
q10_bidabeBidabe Model
taiwan_modelTaiwan model
unified_modelUnified Model
utah_modelUtah Model
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