Man pages for RS-eco/climateNiche
R package for analysing the climatic niche of a species

climateEnvelopeCreate a climate envelope plot of one or multiple species
climateNiche-packageR Package for analysing the climatic niche of a species
displayNichePlot the climatic niche of a species
Equus_quaggaPoint locations of Equus_quagga
getebirdGet Species data for all locations based on a certain grid
marine_sdmRun SDM for a marine species
Passer_domesticusSpecies range of Passer domesticus
Passer_motitensisSpecies range of Passer motitensis
plotOMICalculate OMI for species
plotSpCreate plot of Distribution or Range
sptExtractExtract spatio-temporal environmental data
sptSDMSpatio-temporal species distribution model
terrestrialGBIFGet GBIF data for a terrestrial species
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