NetworkLabeler: A function to label an REC network based on tributary size

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This function crawl up an REC network and numbers the tributaries. It starts from the bottom and work up to the first intersection. It decides which branch is the primary and which is a secondary, based on which is the longest to the headwaters, then gives a new number to the smaller tributary and keeps going. It uses the REC V2.4 network. See NIWA REC V2 for details about REC V2.


NetworkLabeler(RECNetwork = MyREC)



An REC V2 network (either dataframe of spatial dataframe), with at least nzsgmnt, TO_NODE, FROM_NO and hdw_dst attributes


A list (one for each each independent network/diconnected catchment)) of vectors of tributary labels, and a side effect of a file called "OutletReaches.csv" listing the nzsgmnt attributes of the reaches that are considered to be at the bottom of the network.


Tim Kerr, Tim.Kerr@Rainfall.NZ

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