Man pages for RamiKrispin/TSstudio
Functions for Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

arima_diagDiagnostic Plots for ARIMA Models
ccf_plotTime Series Cross Correlation Lags Visualization
check_resVisualization of the Residuals of a Time Series Model
Coffee_PricesCoffee Prices: Robusta and Arabica
create_modelA Functional Approach for Building the 'train_model'...
EURO_BrentCrude Oil Prices: Brent - Europe
forecast_simForecasting simulation
Michigan_CSUniversity of Michigan Consumer Survey, Index of Consumer...
plot_errorPlot the Models Error Rates on the Testing Partitions
plot_forecastPlotting Forecast Object
plot_gridVisualizing Grid Search Results
plot_modelPlot the Models Performance on the Testing Partitions
res_histHistogram Plot of the Residuals Values
test_forecastVisualize of the Fitted and the Forecasted vs the Actual...
train_modelTrain, Test, Evaluate, and Forecast Multiple Time Series...
ts_acfA Visualization Function of the ACF Estimation
ts_backtestingEvaluation Function for Forecasting Models
ts_corAn Interactive Visualization of the ACF and PACF Functions
ts_decomposeVisualization of the Decompose of a Time Series Object
ts_gridTuning Time Series Forecasting Models Parameters with Grid...
ts_heatmapHeatmap Plot for Time Series
ts_infoGet the Time Series Information
ts_lagsTime Series Lag Visualization
ts_maMoving Average Method for Time Series Data
ts_pacfA Visualization Function of the PACF Estimation
ts_plotPlotting Time Series Objects
ts_polarPolor Plot for Time Series Object
ts_quantileQuantile Plot for Time Series
ts_reshapeTransform Time Series Object to Data Frame Format
ts_seasonalSeasonality Visualization of Time Series Object
ts_splitSplit Time Series Object for Training and Testing Partitions
ts_sumSummation of Multiple Time Series Objects
ts_surface3D Surface Plot for Time Series
ts_to_prophetTransform Time Series Object to Prophet input
USgasUS monthly natural gas consumption
US_indicatorsUS Key Indicators - data frame format
USUnRateUS Monthly Civilian Unemployment Rate
USVSalesUS Monthly Total Vehicle Sales
xts_to_tsConverting 'xts' object to 'ts' object
zoo_to_tsConverting 'zoo' object to 'ts' object
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