Man pages for Rapporteket/raptools
Tools for Rapporteket development

calendarAutoReportMake calendar of report schedule and daily load
createAutoReportCreate and add report to config
deleteAutoReportDelete existing report from config
dot-getFunProvide explicit reference to function for
dot-testAutoReportSimple test of automated report
getRegsProvide vector of registries (_i.e._ their R packages) in...
makeRunDayOfYearSequenceMake a sequence of day numbers from av given date and...
raptoolsraptools: A package containing development tools at...
readAutoReportDataRead automated report metadata
runAutoReportRun reports as defined in yaml config and ship content by...
selectByOwnerSelect data on one owner from config (list)
selectByRegSelect data on one registry from config (list)
static_helpMake static html of R doc in package
writeAutoReportDataWrite automated report metadata
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