Man pages for Rdatatable/data.table
Extension of `data.frame`

addressAddress in RAM of a variable Test Between Two Data Tables to data.table xts to conversion
as.matrixConvert a data.table to a matrix
assignAssignment by reference data.table to xts conversion
betweenConvenience functions for range subsets.
cdtdata.table exported C routines
chmatchFaster match of character vectors
coalesceCoalescing missing values
copyCopy an entire object
data.tableEnhanced data.frame
data.table-classS4 Definition for data.table
datatable-optimizeOptimisations in data.table dcast for data.table
duplicatedDetermine Duplicate Rows
fdroplevelsFast droplevels
fifelseFast ifelse
foverlapsFast overlap joins
frankFast rank
freadFast and friendly file finagler
frollRolling functions
fsortFast parallel sort
fwriteFast CSV writer
groupingsetsGrouping Set aggregation for data tables
IDateTimeInteger based date class
JCreates a join 'data.table'
lastFirst/last item of an object
last.updatedNumber of rows affected by last update
likeConvenience function for calling grep.
measureSpecify measure.vars via regex or separator melt for data.table
mergeMerge two data.tables
nafillFill missing values rows with missing values on columns specified
notinConvenience operator for checking if an example is not in a...
openmp-utilsSet or get number of threads that data.table should use
patternsObtain matching indices corresponding to patterns Printing Options
rbindlistMakes one data.table from a list of many
rleidGenerate run-length type group id
rowidGenerate unique row ids within each group
setattrSet attributes of objects by reference
setcolorderFast column reordering of a data.table by reference
setDFCoerce a data.table to data.frame by reference
setDTCoerce lists and data.frames to data.table by reference
setkeyCreate key on a data.table
setNumericRoundingChange or turn off numeric rounding
setopsSet operations for data tables
setorderFast row reordering of a data.table by reference
shiftFast lead/lag for vectors and lists
shouldPrintFor use by packages that mimic/divert auto printing e.g....
special-symbolsSpecial symbols
splitSplit data.table into chunks in a list data.tables
substitute2Substitute expression
tablesDisplay 'data.table' metadata
testTest assertions for equality, exceptions and console output a set of tests.
timetakenPretty print of time taken table utilities
transposeEfficient transpose of list
truelengthOver-allocation access
tstrsplitstrsplit and transpose the resulting list efficiently
update_dev_pkgPerform update of development version of a package
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