Man pages for Rekyt/rtaxref
An R client for TaxRef the French Taxonomical Database

rt_biogeo_statusRetrieve biogeographic statuses used in TaxRef
rt_external_dbRetrieve external DBs referenced in TaxRef
rt_habitatsRetrieve habitats used in TaxRef
rt_interactions_find_typeRetrieve the status of all Taxa according to a Status Type
rt_interactions_opgroupRetrieve the interactions of all Taxa in an Operational Group
rt_interactions_searchSearch Interactions based on a list of criteria
rt_interactions_typeRetrieve Interactions Types used in TaxRef
rt_languagesRetrieve the languages used in TaxRef
rt_operational_groupsRetrieve operational groups used in TaxRef
rt_sources_find_termSearch a source from a term
rt_sources_idRetrieve a taxon information using its id
rt_sources_matchSearch a source from a citation by fuzzy matching
rt_source_usesRetrieve the list of source uses in TaxRef
rt_status_find_typeRetrieve the status of all Taxa according to a Status Type
rt_status_opgroupRetrieve the status of all Taxa in an Operational Group
rt_status_searchSearch statuses based on a list of criteria
rt_status_typeRetrieve Status Types Used in TaxRef
rt_taxa_autocompleteRetrieve Synonyms associated with a Taxon
rt_taxa_childrenRetrieve a taxon children
rt_taxa_externalidsRetrieve IDs of the taxon in external databases
rt_taxa_from_externalidsRetrieve Taxon using the ids from external databases
rt_taxa_fuzzymatchFind taxa by fuzzy matching their scientific Name
rt_taxa_idRetrieve a taxon information using its id
rt_taxa_interactionsRetrieve Interactions of taxon with other taxa
rt_taxa_mediaRetrieve Media (photos & others) Associated with a Taxon
rt_taxa_parentRetrieve classification above the taxon
rt_taxa_searchSearch for a taxon information
rt_taxa_sourcesRetrieve Sources Associated with a Taxon
rt_taxa_statusRetrieve Taxon Conservation Status
rt_taxa_synonymsRetrieve Synonyms associated with a Taxon
rt_taxa_taxrefhistoryRetrieve history of a taxon through TaxRef versions
rt_taxa_vernacularRetrieve VernacularNames associated with a Taxon
rt_taxo_ranksRetrieve taxonomic ranks in TaxRef
rt_taxref_versionsRetrieve the list of existing TaxRef versions
rt_uartaxref User Agent
rt_vernacular_groupsRetrieve the list of vernacular groups in TaxRef
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