Man pages for ReportMort/roas
Open Ad Stream API from R

available_reportsAvailable Reports Table
error_codesError Codes Table
exponential_backoff_retryRetry a Function With Exponential Backoff
inventory_reportsInventory Reports Table
list_result_parserParse List Recordsets with Pagination Support
oas_addAdd Items in API Database
oas_basic_inventoryRetrieve Basic Inventory Reports
oas_build_credentialsBuild Credentials String
oas_copyCopy an Item in API Database
oas_geo_inventoryRetrieve Geo Inventory Reports
oas_listList Items in API Database
oas_list_codeList Code Items from API Database
oas_readRead/Retrieve all details for a requested object
oas_reportRun Template Reports
oas_run_liveExecute Run Live Campaigns Command
oas_search_inventoryRetrieve Search Inventory Reports
oas_updateUpdate Items in API Database
oas_zone_inventoryRetrieve Zone Inventory Reports
perform_requestPOST AdXML Request to API
request_builderBuild AdXML Request for API
roasroas: Open Ad Stream API from R
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