run_app: Run the Shiny Application

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Run the Shiny Application


Run the Shiny Application


run_app(onStart = NULL, options = list(), enableBookmarking = NULL, ...)



A function that will be called before the app is actually run. This is only needed for shinyAppObj, since in the shinyAppDir case, a global.R file can be used for this purpose.


Named options that should be passed to the runApp call (these can be any of the following: "port", "launch.browser", "host", "quiet", "display.mode" and "test.mode"). You can also specify width and height parameters which provide a hint to the embedding environment about the ideal height/width for the app.


Can be one of "url", "server", or "disable". The default value, NULL, will respect the setting from any previous calls to enableBookmarking(). See enableBookmarking() for more information on bookmarking your app.


arguments to pass to golem_opts

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