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Selected enhancements to Revolution Analytics RevoScaleR

formulaExpandExpand a . to represent all variables in an XDF (DF).
formula.rxDTreeModel formula for rxDTree.
isLogFormulaChecks if dependent variable is log transformed.
ivCalculates information value.
plot.rxDTreePlots rxDTree object.
range2formulaCreate a formula from a range on an XDF (DF).
RevoEnhancements-packageAdds functionality to RevoScaleR
rxAICCalculates Akaike's Information Criterium (AIC) from a model...
rxBoxPlotFunction to create a boxplot from an XDF file.
rxBoxPlot.statsFunction to create a boxplot from an XDF file.
rxCFSCorrelation feature selection.
rxDiscretizeCreates equal width or equal frequency discretized variables...
rxF1scoreCalculates machine learning statistics, including F1,...
rxHexBinCreates hexbin summaries.
rxKSGeneric method to calculate the KS Statistic.
rxKS.rxLorenzFunction to calculate the KS Statistic.
rxLinPredErrorCalculates prediction error statistics for linear regression...
rxMomentsExtracts statistical moments and calculates skewness and...
rxPredictTransformApplies a transformation on predicted values of model.
rxRidgeRegFits ridge regression model.
rxSample2DfFunction to sample, with or without replacement, from an XDF...
rxTreeDiscretizeFunction to discretize continous variables using a tree.
rxTTestFunction to carry out a student's t test on an xdf file
rxUniqueExtracts unique values from character and factor columns in...
woeCalculates weight of evidence.
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