CRANsearcher 1.1.1

CRANsearcher 1.1.0

CRANsearcher 1.0.1

Merged pull request from Eric Nantz - enhancement of user experience by imposing a delay on the retrieval of search results (using shiny::debounce).

CRANsearcher 1.0.0

Create version 1.0.0 corresponding to first CRAN submission. Also added the snapshot date of the CRAN inventory (today's date for internet connection, date of dataset creation for offline use).

CRANsearcher 0.3.0

CRANsearcher 0.2.1

Fixes to pass R CMD check + tweak search for CRAN mirror: - more generalized search for CRAN mirror - fixes according to R CMD check NOTES

CRANsearcher 0.2.0

Improvement of UI: - Selected row triggers install button highlight - User can continue to browse packages after an installation is triggered - Reformat loading message - Add filter for release date

CRANsearcher 0.1.0

Initial release for CRANsearcher: an R-studio add-in. Features include: - Real-time exploration of the CRAN package database - Search package name, title, and description based on multiple keywords - Explore search results within a sortable table - Link to external websites providing package metadata, specifically and - Install package(s) with the click of a button

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