Man pages for RobinHankin/calibrator
Bayesian Calibration of Complex Computer Codes

beta1hat.funbeta1 estimator
beta2hat.funestimator for beta2 of beta, given theta, phi and d
blockdiagAssembles matrices blockwise into a block diagonal matrix
C1Matrix of distances from D1 to D2
calibrator-packageBayesian Calibration of Complex Computer Codes
cov.p5.suppCovariance function for posterior distribution of z new toy datasets
D1.funFunction to join to t.vec to give matrix D1
D2.funAugments observation points with parameters
dists.2framesDistance between two points
EK.eqn10.suppPosterior mean of K
etahatExpectation of computer output
E.theta.toyExpectation and variance with respect to theta
extractor.toyExtracts lat/long matrix and theta matrix from D2.
Ez.eqn7.suppExpectation of z given y, beta2, phi
Ez.eqn9.suppExpectation as per equation 10 of KOH2001
h1Basis functions
H1.toyBasis functions for D1 and D2 example of hbar (section 4.2)
H.funH function
is.positive.definiteIs a matrix positive definite?
MHVery basic implementation of the Metropolis-Hastings...
p.eqn4.suppApostiori probability of psi1
p.eqn8.suppA postiori probability of hyperparameters to create or change hyperparameters
p.page4A postiori probability of hyperparameters
prob.psi1A priori probability of psi1, psi2, and theta
stage1Stage 1,2 and 3 optimization on toy dataset
symmetrizeSymmetrize an upper triangular matrix
teeAuxiliary functions for equation 9 of the supplement
toysToy datasets
tt.funIntegrals needed in KOH2001
V1Distance matrix
V2distance between observation points
VdVariance matrix for d
V.funVariance matrix for observations
Wcovariance matrix for beta
W1Variance matrix for beta1hat
W2variance matrix for beta2
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