Man pages for Roche/rtables
Reporting Tables

as_htmlConvert an 'rtable' object to an 'shiny.tag' html...
as_html.defaultGeneric for as_html
as.rtableConvert an object to an 'rtable' object
as.rtable.tableConvert a table object to an 'rtable'
compare_rtablesCorpare two rtables
dim.rheaderDimension of rtable object
dim.rtableDimension of rtable object
format_rcellConvert the contets of an 'rcell' to a string using the...
headerGet Header ot Rtable
header-setChange Header of Rtable
indented_row.namesRow names of an 'rtable' object with spaces
is.no_byCheck if object inherits from the 'no_by' Class
list_rcell_format_labelsList with valid 'rcell' formats labels grouped by 1d and 2d
names.rtableGet column names of an 'rtable' object
no_byDo not split data into columns or row in 'rtabulate'
rbind.rtablestack rtable objects
rcellReporting Table Cell
rheaderCreate a rheader object
row.names.rheaderRow names of an 'rheader' object
row.names.rtableRow names of an 'rtable' object
row.names-set-.rtablechange row names of rtable
rrowReporting Table Row
rrowlCreate an rrow with cell-data stored within lists
rtableCreate a Reporting Table
rtablelCreate an rtable from rrows stored in a list
rtabulateTabulation Methods data.frame and apply functions
rtabulate.factorTabulate Factors
rtabulate.logicaltabulate a logical vector
rtabulate.numerictabulate a numeric vector
sprintf_formatSpecify a rcell format based on sprintf formattig rules
sub-.rheaderaccess cell in rheader
sub-.rtableAccess rcells in an 'rtable'
toString.rtableConvert an rtable to ascii
ViewerDispaly an 'rtable' object in the Viewer pane in RStudio or...
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