Man pages for Roche/rtables
Reporting Tables

as_htmlConvert an 'rtable' object to an 'shiny.tag' html...
as_html.defaultGeneric for as_html
as.rtableConvert an object to an 'rtable' object
as.rtable.tableConvert a table object to an 'rtable'
compare_rtablesCorpare two rtables
dim.rtableDimension of rtable object
format_rcellConvert the contets of an 'rcell' to a string using the...
get_rcell_formatsList with valid 'rcell' formats labels grouped by 1d and 2d
names.rtableGet column names of an 'rtable' object
rcellReporting Table Cell
row.names.rtableRow names of an 'rtable' object
rrowReporting Table Row
rtableCreate a Reporting Table
sub-.rtableAccess rcells in an 'rtable'
ViewerDispaly an 'rtable' object in the Viewer pane in RStudio or...
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