Man pages for RomainFeron/radsex-vis
Visualization of results from the RADSex pipeline

coverage_clusteringCluster coverage data
coverage_heatmapCoverage heatmap
generate_color_paletteGenerate color palette
load_contig_lengthsLoad a contig lengths file
load_contig_namesLoad a contig names file
load_coverage_tableLoad a coverage table
load_mapping_resultsLoad a mapping results file
load_popmapLoad a population map
load_sex_distribution_tableLoad a sex distribution table
mapping_circular_plotMapping circular plot
mapping_contigMapping contig
plot_contigMapping contig
plot_coveragePlot coverage
plot_genomeMapping circular plot
plot_sex_distributionPlot sex distribution
sex_distribution_heatmapSex distribution heatmap
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