Man pages for RonGuymon/numetricAPI
Functions to use Numetric's API

addRowsAdd rows to a dataset (V2)
addRowsV3Add rows to a dataset (V3)
bucketQueryBucket query a Numetric dataset (V2)
createDashboardCreates a new dashboard in Numetric (V2)
createDatasetCreate a new dataset (V2)
createTableCreate a new table (V3)
deleteAllRowsDeletes all rows from a dataset (V2)
deleteAllRowsV3Delete all Rows of a Table (V3)
deleteDashboardDeletes a dashboard (V2)
deleteDatasetDeletes a dataset (V2)
deleteSomeRowsDeletes specific rows from a dataset (V2)
deleteTableDeletes a table (V3)
getAllRowsGet up to 10,000 rows of a dataset (V2)
getAllRowsV3Get all rows of data from a table (V3)
getDashboardGets the JSON for a Numetric dashboard (V2)
getDashboardsGet a meta-data for all dashboards in an org (V2)
getDatasetsGet a table of datasets (V2)
getDatasetStatusGet the status of a dataset (V2)
getFilteredRowsGet up to 10,000 rows of a filtered dataset (V2)
getTableDetailsGet the details of a specific table (V3)
getTablesGet a summary list of tables available to the API user (V3)
updateDashboardUpdates an existing Numetric dashboard (V2)
updateDatasetUpdates the parameters of an existing dataset (V2)
updateTableUpdate a specific table (V3)
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