Man pages for Ronggui/QCA3
Yet Another Package for Qualitative Comparative Analysis

boolIntersectBoolean intersection
CarenPanofskyHypothetical data set about TQCA.
CoDThe consolidation of Democracy.
coincidProduces a coincidence matrix
consistGapConsistency gaps between configurations
constrReduceImpose constraints on a QCA solution
coverageCoverage and consistency.
CressSnowThe Outcomes of Homeless Mobilization
cs_truthTableConstruct a truthTable for csQCA
directCalibrationCalibration in fuzzy set QCA.
fsnotThe not opertor for a fuzzy set score.
fsplotFuzzy set plot.
fs_truthTableConstruction of truthTable from fuzzy set score
GiugniYamasaki2009The Policy Impact of Social Movements
Hino2009Example data of Time-series QCA.
HIVChangedata about HIV prevalence in Sub-Saharan Africa
HuangGui2009data about on-line forum and homeowners' collective...
implicantsToDFConversion of implicants to a Data Frame representation
KatzHauMahoneyThe "great reversal" data set.
LipsetsBreakdown/survival of democracy in inter-war Europe
McCammonVanDykeSocial movement coalition
mv_truthTableConstruct a truthTable for mvQCA
QCA.methodsMethods for "QCA" an object
QCA.NotationNotations used in QCA3 package
reduceBoolean miniziation for csQCA, mvQCA and fsQCA
remainderReduceRemainder configurations.
SASimplyfing assumptions and contraditory simplifying...
setOUTReset the outcome of configurations in a truthTable
StokkeEffectiveness of international regimes for resource...
suffnecProduces a sufficiency and necessity matrix
thresholdssetterRecode continuous variable into binary/multi-value variable
Yamasaki2009Movement Impact on Nuclear Energy Policy.
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