Man pages for RoyChristian/startR
Homebrewed package holding my most useful functions

check_CICheck if zero is within the Credible intervals
check_intervalLook if a value is within an interval
coords_to_kmGeographic coordinates to kilometers coordinates
corr_anisoGaussian anisotropic correlation function
corr_iso_gausGaussian isotropic correlation function
covar_anisoGaussian anisotropic covariance function
covar_iso_gausGaussian isotropic covariance function
cvCoefficient of variation
deg_to_radTitle Degree angle to radian angle
f_testf test for Bayesian parameters estimates
ilogitLogit and inverse logit
logitLogit and inverse logit
params_CIFunction to estimate credible intervals
plot_fitModel fit figure
rad_to_degTitle Radial angle to degree angle
std_errStandard error
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